NMJ Topline Pluss NSB 2 Kl. Person-reisegods og konduktørvogn BFo2c 213.

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NMJ Topline+ model of NSB BFo2c 213, combined 2. Cl. Passenger, Luggage and Conductors coach.


NMJ Topline+ model of NSB BFo2c, type 3, No. 213, combined 2. Cl. Passenger, Luggage and Conductors coach with lantern roof with side mounted Grohe ventilators on supports. The models are exactly in scale 1:87 HO with all details on the body, interior, roof and under carriage. Interior lightings are fitted, and the models are painted in the very realistic NMJ wooden structure.


NSB CFo2c, from 1956 BFo2c and from 1970 BF32 type 3 was built by Skabo in 1930 in a series of 4 coaches being the last BF`s with wooden body. These were also the first BF`s with long corridor allowing passenger to walk through and could therefore be use in the middle of the trains. Regulated by a treaty between NSB and the driving personnel BF coaches was mandatory in all trains.

The last BF32 was in normal train service until 1985 and given the Norwegian Railway Club and are used in the museums train. Preserved 214 was sold to the Swindon & Cricklade Railway 8.6.1982. Sensational series of the famous Norwegian coaches some in traffic for more than 70 years. May different types: WLABb01a Sleeper 1st/2nd Class, CEo3a/BEo3a Combined Dining and passenger coach, Co3c, Bo3c, B22 2nd Class Tourist coach with lantern roof Co3c, Bo3c, B22 2nd Class Tourist coach with rounded roof CFo2c/BFp2c, BF32 Combined Passenger-, Luggage and Conductors coach.

Mehr Informationen

Mehr Informationen
Skala H0 / 1:87
Eisenbahngesellschaft NSB
Spurweite H0 / 16mm
Artikel-Nr. NMJT156.201
Hersteller NMJ