NMJ Topline Pluss NSB 2 Kl. Personenwagen Bo3c 560, type 1, Original Dach mit Grohe Dachventilatoren.

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NMJ Topline+ model of NSB 2nd Cl. Tourist coach type Bo3c, type 1, No. 560.


NMJ Topline+ model of NSB Bo3c, No. 560 passenger coach with the original lantern roof with Grohe ventilators. The models are exactly in scale 1:87 HO with all details on the body, interior, roof and under carriage. Interior lightings are fitted, and the models are painted in the very realistic NMJ wooden structure.


Co3c type 1 nr. 560, from 1956 Bo3c and from 1970 B22 was built by Skabo in 1915 in a series with roof with over light windows. This was the start of the Co3c open coaches with bigger windows. Co3c type 1 and 2 were built from 1911 to 1937, totally 52 coaches, mostly by Skabo and Strømmen, but 5 coaches by Scandia in Denmark.

The open coaches with bigger windows gave a good view to the beautiful scenery of Norway. The seating was the more spacious 2+2 and it made these coaches were popular among the travellers.

in 1983, after the introduction the B7 series coaches (1981-1985) the last of these coaches was taken out of service, after for some of them amazing, 70 years of service.

Mehr Informationen

Mehr Informationen
Skala H0 / 1:87
Eisenbahngesellschaft NSB
Spurweite H0 / 16mm
Artikel-Nr. NMJT155.301
Hersteller NMJ