NMJ Topline BM71/73, Hauptplatine PCB mit Innenbeluchtung

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NMJ Topline NSB BM 73 Innenbeleuctungset und Ersatzplatine für BM73/73b/BM71.


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NMJ Topline NSB BM 73 interior light LED interior light and replacement PCB for NMJ Topline NSB BM 73.

The light has a cold-white character and gives a realistic appereance. This package includes 1 complete light board and 2 power capacitors. The PCB have the same shape and connectors as the original board. This will make replacement and installation smooth and simple. The light board is equipped with MTC 21-pin decoder interface and space for 23 mm loudspeaker. The PCB has 2 groups of 6 LEDs which is controlled by outputs AUX3 and AUX4. When used in analogue operation the lights are continuously activated. The board is also prepared and designed for installing light in the other units of the train. Connection points makes it possible to wire and control the interior light in the other units through the electric coupling.Some soldering are required during installation of the interior light set. NMJ recommend a soldering iron with thin tip.NB NB: This PCB is only for the motorcoach. For a complete set for Bm73 please refer to item 81.990.

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Mehr Informationen
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